How to Monetize a Blog or a Website

Here are some solid tips and strategies many successful bloggers have used to generate 6 Figure a year revenue from their own blogs in diverse niches. This article will also teach you how to do the same with your own blog and make a full time income from home. 1 min

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How to Monetize a Blog and your Website

Today, anyone can start a blog with little or no capital. There's the availability of a plethora of tools; It's now easy to get started blogging than ever. However, the competition has never been this stiff also. Any blog can have some revenue but only consistent and sustainable revenue over a period of time will ensure profit. 

So how do you go from being an amateur blogger to one of the professionals earning six figures a year? Well, you need a solid marketing plan. This includes content, a profitable niche, and a great monetization strategy.

We’re going to show some solid strategies top bloggers have used to generate revenue from their own blogs in diverse niches and teach you how to do the same with your own blog.

1.) Become an AFFILIATE

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most easiest and popular ways bloggers make money online. With affiliate marketing, you promote or recommend the products of other companies and or individual vendors and get a commission for every sale you make through your affiliate referral links or banners.

Affiliate marketers work the same way as most salespeople. They help promote and sell a company’s product and get a commission when someone buys. Say for example your commission is $50 for every sale, and you get 200 people to buy that product, you would’ve have made $10,000.

What attracts people to affiliate marketing is that you can just piggyback on a great product and sell that to your audience, without having a product of your own; without inventory and warehousing on your part. 

With Affiliate Marketing You Only Need Three Things

1.A NICHE (This seems to be popping up a lot doesn’t it?
2.An AFFILIATE product (to promote)
3.And an AUDIENCE or TARGET Market to promote the product to.

You build your audience by writing about topics related to your niche and once you have an audience, you can find products from affiliate networks around.

One thing you should bear in mind when monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing is that you should be focused on providing value to your readers and not just pitching products so you can make a sale.


2.) Display ADS (Banner Ads)

The reason is that they work and are the fastest, even if not the most profitable way to start monetizing a website or blog. In fact, many bloggers start with display ads until they can find more profitable monetization strategies. For some people, those first few dollars give them enough motivation to continue with the blog.

With ads, you don’t need a product of your own to sell but you do need traffic and the more of it you can generate the better you perform. It might take some time for ads to start working for you as you begin to grow your blog and improve your content marketing but eventually, you’ll get there. Ads don’t even have to be permanent, it can just be a temporary way to make money with your blog until you can find better a way to monetize it.

3.) Accept DONATIONS

You can also monetize your blog or website by making it possible for your audience to make donations. This works particularly well if you’re a nonprofit.

You can accept donations using WordPress plugins like Give, Charitable, and PayPal Donations.

4.) Sell eBooks to Your Visitors

Selling ebooks is one of the most common ways top bloggers choose to monetize their blogs. It’s great because it’s relatively easy to create and is usually priced adequately enough that most visitors can buy.

But ebooks do more than let bloggers monetize their blogs quickly. As a blogger selling an ebook can be the fastest way to test if people are interested in what you’re covering enough to pay for it. Ebooks are also a low-risk way for your website visitors to judge the value you can bring before buying more expensive products.

5.) Create & Sell Online Courses

Another awesome way to monetize your blog is by selling online courses. You don't need to be some sort of expert to teach a course. All you need to really teach a course is to know more than the people you’re teaching and to be able to present this information in a way that people will get value from.

You don’t need to be a certified author to create a course that teaches people how to write a book. If you can write a book better than most people and create your course material in a way that can truly teach people how to become an instant writer then there’s nothing holding you back from creating your course.

More people are taking online courses than ever before, the e-learning industry is expected to grow to about $325 billion by 2025.

6.) Start a Coaching Business

Coaching or consulting is a monetization strategy that most blog owners who’ve found success in selling books and courses turn to when they want to create an additional revenue stream.
It’s not just for established bloggers however, consulting can also be your monetization strategy from the start.

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More Creative Ways to Monetize your Website or Blog

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